Laurence Decore Leadership Award ($1,000) [Click here to apply]

Every year the Students’ Union at the University of Calgary awards 10 hard working students $1,000 each in recognition of their contribution to campus organizations, student government, clubs, and efforts in the greater community.

It was named in honour of past Alberta Liberal Party leader Laurence Decore. Decore was the Alberta Liberal Party leader from 1988 to 1994, taking the Alberta Liberals from 4 seats to a record shattering 32. No other opposition party has received as many seats in Albertan history. In addition to politics, Decore made millions through his law practice, multiple business ventures, a television station, a hotel in Jasper, and real estate. Alongside his entrepreneurial efforts Decore was a philanthropist and community leader, engaging in high level roles, uch as  the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies, Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation, Canadian Consultative Council on Multiculturalism, and Canada-Ukraine Business Initiative.

He died of cancer in 1999. You can read up on this Albertan leader on his wikipedia page. The scholarship’s deadline is mid-February every year.